About Us

Here at AskVAS we pride ourselves on being the most innovative, evolutionary and compliant claims management tool on the market. After a few short years we have a patented, finished end product which has created a user friendly way of documenting and simulating road traffic accidents. The usability of the system itself has been purposefully designed, to be understood by consumers, insurers, brokers and claims intermediaries.

Our users can quickly register a claim by inputting only a few details; they can then recreate the road traffic accident, step by step. Before recreating the road traffic accident through simulation, the user can choose from

- What type of vehicles were involved in the accident

- Where the passengers were sat in the vehicle at the point of impact

- What type of road layout is most similar to the road the user was on at point of impact

- Most importantly! What injuries were sustained from the road traffic accident (portrayed on our mannequins)

Once the user has inputted their details onto the system they can move onto the simulator. The simulator has been designed to be as user-friendly and as simple to use as possible whilst still maintaining the complexity of the software. The user can easily navigate through the software and are able to recreate their road traffic accident with ease. Once they have recreated their accident they can use the playback tool to review for themselves before saving and sending through their case.

The software works on a multi-media platform and can be used via a PC, tablet and is smartphone compatible too. An app is also under development and is set to be released by summer 2014.

Give our software a try on www.askvas.com

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