Data Security and Compliance

Our data is housed off site and located in a state of the art building which is also shared by some of the world’s largest blue chip companies. Some of the features of this site include:

  • 6 Dark Fibre cabling
  • Access to millions of servers
  • Diverse, independent power supplies
  • 24×7 monitoring from central security
  • Instant data replication and back up
  • 2 x Fail over
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery procedures

The building is bomb and fire proof, with a raised floor so vehicles cannot access
Fully temperature controlled

Our data facility is also scalable to any requirement you need within 30 minutes making the system flexible and adaptable for our clients at the touch of a button.

In addition to the above, the below features also demonstrate how serious we are about data security:

  • Full swipe access to all buildings – auditable
  • Restricted access to certain rooms only required by management – auditable
  • Internal Security and Access policy – signed by all staff, to include forced monthly password changes


AskVAS is fully compliant with all industry regulations. We have a number of in house policies and procedures that ensure our business runs efficiently and effectively. Examples include:

  • Non Disclosure Agreements – signed by all staff
  • Regular Desk and Floor Walk Audits – unannounced
  • Regular, sample call listening of staff
  • All new business partners go through a rigorous application and due diligence process before we work with anybody
  • All data is safe and secure in our offices and is recognised by our ICO registration number.

Secure Offices

We have a fully monitored 24 hour remote access CCTV system, with human intervention voice warnings. Provided by

We operate a ‘clear desk’ policy. No information or notes are kept. All paperwork destroyed at the change of shift.

Our Team

All our team are provided password entry codes for office access. Most areas are restricted to 10 or less members of staff to reduce the human traffic in each department.

Passwords are changed every month to Strengthen system security.

All our team are required to sign ‘Non-disclosure agreements’ (NDAs).

Our team are updated with monthly training sessions in Data protection rules and regulations.

All new starters go through a list of training requirements to ensure they are fully equipped to hit our high expectations.

AskVAS Preferred Partners

Due-diligence checks are carried out on all AskVas preferred partners. We look into company history, Directors backgrounds, Credit scores and much more besides to ensure that we working with only reputable companies.